mullersprepackDo you take pleasure in having all your belongings in perfect order before you move? You need Muller's Removals Pre Packing Service!

Most people have no idea how many things they have accumulated over the years until it comes time to move! Your wardrobe looks like something out of a fashion magazine with 25 years of collected items you just couldn't throw out, the kids rooms have so many toys you think you're in a toy store and your kitchen cupboards look like they are throwing a  party!

Then you've got books, DVD collections, office equipment, photo albums, frames on walls, bathroom items, garage equipment and nothing is in order. To make it all worse you have to pack all these belongings yourself. It's not like you can take time off work to do it, the kids still need to get to school and you have all your other daily commitments. Weekends may seem like the perfect time but realistically you have much better things to do!

Why not let the professionals do all the hard work for you! Muller's Removals can take the stress out of packing with our professional Pre Packing Service.

Sit back and relax while watching someone else do all the hard work for you. Let Muller's Removals pack and label and sort all your boxes. We can have them all perfectly prepared, meaning you save more on moving day by having everything organised in advance.

Muller's Removals will customise your pre packing service and cost based on your individual needs.

  • Items packed carefully with attention to detail.
  • Individual wrapping of delicate and fragile items
  • All boxes and cartons labelled clearly
  • Pre Packing Service is available for the entire house or just a few rooms.
  • Two or more professional packers depending on your needs.

Muller's Removals offers personalised packing services at affordable prices.

Give us a call now to discuss your options.